BRASHAS Workshop is fully equipped with tyre fitting, balancing and wheel alignment machines on-site.  We DO NOT outsource.  With access to a full range of entry level to top shelf tyres, from our network of local wholesalers, we can confidently supply all your tyre needs.  BRASHAS tyre pricing is competitive when comparing identical products.

Improperly balanced or misaligned wheels can result in excessive and/ or uneven tyre wear effectively reducing the life of the tyre.

Imbalanced wheels will present as shuddering through the steering wheel at certain speeds.  And, if a wheel alignment is required, the steering will pull strongly to the right or left.

We can also perform puncture repairs.  However, not all punctures are repairable, depending on the condition of the tyre or the particular nature of the puncture.

Brashas has two mobile roadworthy units servicing the Townsville area. The mobile roadworthy fee includes a callout fee plus the Qld Transport Inspection Fee. Payment can be made via cash or our mobile EFTPOS facility

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Brashas Workshop, Townsville, for F Truck service, maintenance and repairs. F Trucks are becoming one of our specialties with F Truck owners from as far west as Hughenden, south to Mackay and north to Cairns, bringing their F Trucks to Brashas Workshop Townsville where they know that we have the knowledge and skill to competently work on their vehicles.

For F Truck service, F Truck repairs and F Truck maintenance you’ll find Brashas provide excellent service.