Do I need a Roadworthy Certificate for that?

In Queensland a Roadworthy Certificate is required when you buy, sell, transfer ownership of a vehicle or transfer registration from interstate.

There’s nothing wrong with my car.  Why has it failed?

Queensland Inspection Guidelines are extensive.  Defects can range from bald tyres to streaking wiper blades and everything in between.  It’s also important to note that roadworthy guidelines vary from state to state.  A ‘roadworthy’ vehicle in NSW may not meet the guidelines for a ‘roadworthy’ vehicle in Queensland.

How long is the Certificate valid for?

Once completed a Roadworthy Certificate (Pass) is valid for 2 months or 2000 km for private sales.  A fail certificate is only valid for two weeks after which time a new certificate will need to be completed and paid for.  This is a Queensland Government requirement.

Does the fail certificate get lodged with the Department of Transport?

ALL inspection certificates are now completed directly through the Department of Transport’s Online Portal.  A copy is then emailed to the Inspection Station and the person requesting the inspection.

Brashas Workshop is an Approved Inspection Station (#9443)

For more information on inspection guidelines for roadworthy visit: