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What does the catch can do?

The role of the catch can is to remove oil vapor from the intake system.

Why is it necessary?

Modern engines recirculate crank case gases through the vehicle’s intake system to reduce pollution to the atmosphere.  These gases are full of oil residue, exhaust and carbon.  They cause grime (carbon) to build up which reduces the efficiency of the engine, reducing performance and increasing fuel consumption.

Electrical components such as the MAF (mass air flow sensor), MAP (manifold absolute pressure sensor) EGR (exhaust gas recirculation value) and rubber hoses, are all affected by this grime build up in the intake system.

What are the benefits?

The right catch can will prevent up to 90% of this residue build up and save on early component replacement. With a cleaner intake system, your engine will work more efficiently, maintaining power and fuel economy.

catch can

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